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"This is your body, your greatest gift, pregnant with wisdom you do not hear, grief you thought was forgotten, and joy you have never known... "

Marion Woodman

Therapy and My Approach

My approach to therapy is influenced by the major trend in the last fifteen years to include our bodies in the picture of our mental and emotional health. A mind-body approach focuses on the interactions of our brain, mind, body, and behavior. There are powerful ways in which our mental, emotional, social, and behavioral patterns and experiences directly affect every aspect of our health.

By exploring our own stories, beliefs, and emotions stored in our body and our mind, we can acknowledge, rather than repress, and heal rather than stay stuck in habitual patterns that are no longer useful. My clients demonstrate improved relationships to self and others and greater physical/mental ease and well-being.

In a session, we may begin by talking about what brings you to seek support right now, what you want in your life, and exploring what you need to get there. I draw on many tools for change. When appropriate these tools may include body/mind modalities (Inner Relationship Focusing & Rubenfeld Synergy Method), mindfulness practices, symbolic art (SoulCollage®) and journaling. Each of these approaches empowers you to integrate inner and outer realities so that you have a sense of balance in your life.

My approach to therapy also draws on the notion that we are made up of many parts-some more easily recognizable than others, but all of them seeking our acknowledgement and listening in order to change. Familiar to many is that inner criticizing process ("I should..., I must...") as well as judging or problem solving parts, or processes. The truth is we have several dynamic inner parts, many of which we may discover are allies once we begin to understand their message and point of view. As you find and befriend your many parts, you can experience the power within your "inner community" as a resource. You can also recognize your core self which is so key to seeing the larger picture of your life, your purpose, and direction for next steps.

Our life span includes a broad variety of life events, choices and concerns. Many clients come to therapy with issues related to relationship, work, vocation, parenting, caregiving, creative expression, health, illness, spiritual awakening, grief and dying. I have many years of experience in the work world and with mind and body-centered therapies that can help you to work with these life situations both current and in the past.

I work with individual adults as well as work groups and classes. When I believe a colleague could be more effective, or a complementary therapy could be helpful, I provide referrals or work collaboratively. I value complementary work with physicians.

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