"The clue to full aliveness is found in the very forces of calamity."

Annie Dillard

Location and Contact Information

My office is conveniently located in Santa Cruz at 820 Capitola Road. The nearest cross street is 7th Avenue. There is ample parking in front of the Cottage Counseling Center.

Map to 820 Capitola Rd., Santa Cruz, CA

Please feel free to contact me at (831) 247-4083. My voice mail is private and confidential. When you leave a message, please tell me your name, phone number and give me several good times that I might reach you. For privacy reasons, please let me know if it is appropriate for me to leave a message when I return your call in case I don't reach you. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Call (831) 247-4083 or send email to .