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"The spiritual gift on the inner journey is to know that creation comes out of chaos, and that even what has been created needs to be returned to chaos every now and then to get recreated in a more vital form. The spiritual gift on this inner journey is the knowledge that in chaos I cannot only survive, but I can thrive, that there is vitality in that chaotic field of energy."

Parker J. Palmer

Classes through Cabrillo College Extension and

the Cottage Counseling Center

SoulCollage® Going Deeper:
More classes now available through Cabrillo Extension

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  • Call for more information on advanced SoulCollage® classes including The Companion Suit Workshop, Open Studio Card Making, and Card Reading Groups. Phone number: 247-4083.

Memoir Writing:
Exploring Memories and Meaning

In this workshop you will explore some of the poignant memories and stories that have shaped your life. With innovative exercises for eliciting memories and writing memoirs, you will discover stories that may surprise you with their power for self-discovery. As you reflect upon the events that make up your life, you will notice the continuous thread that weaves through your experiences, deepening an understanding of who you are, and offering a sense of clarity, meaning, and purpose for your life.

Invite the Poetry of Images Into Your Life

In this hands-on workshop let the images you are drawn to capture your imagination and stimulate your creativity as you learn how to make your own deck of personal collage cards and discover how to give a card its own unique voice. As you create your deck of cards you will deepen your understanding of your relationship to your personality parts, your family and community, and enter the world of symbols and archetypes that weave your personal story into the larger story of humanity.

  • 10 am - 4 pm
  • Horticulture Room
  • Link to these course descriptions and registration is available at Cabrillo College Extension or call 479-6331 or 247-4083 to confirm current class offerings.

  • $20 materials fee made out to instructor at time of class includes all materials.
  • Lauren is joined by Mariabruna Sirabella, LMFT or Mischa Eovaldi, LCSW as co-instructor
  • Call 247-4083 for private introductory workshop opportunities



Writing from the Well of Self: 

A writing group for cancer patients

Writing gives us the opportunity to integrate our physical and emotional well-being. Current research reveals that the simple act of writing down thoughts and feelings can help those experiencing stress, loss, relationship issues, chronic illness and pain. This class offers the use of guided exercises, selected poetry, an introduction to SoulCollage® (see above) and opportunities to deepen our capacity to live with greater meaning.

  • Week nights TBA
  • 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
  • 820 Capitola Road, Santa Cruz, CA

Please call to register at 831 247-4083 (Instructor Voicemail)

Call (831) 247-4083 or send email to .